On a Mission to make the Curriculum vitae Obsolete

Sivakumar M.S
3 min readMay 6, 2020


Not your biography, but what you are good at matters !

Sometime in 2019, Roboticist Anand who had previous life in Ikea, Philips and McKinsey approached me asking if I would like to be a part of a team which breathes life into an upcoming platform. A platform to give businesses access to experts and experts access to exciting tasks. The idea was to make a robot (platform) out of Clemens, an established matching wizard who matches High-Tech engineering Tasks to Experts :-) Little did I know that I’m signing up on a mission to disrupt CV, Curriculum vitae, a practice, which was first started by Leonardo da Vinci

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

At first we analyzed the human logic used by Clemens, and we came up with the What, When and Whom™ method. Our next challenge was to understand from the future users of the platform: the Experts; Do they really want this ? We divided the experts into Early Career, Late Career and Mid-Career and went on with conducting focused sessions. The feedback from these groups was a resounding “YES” proving there is a demand for such a platform which brings experts closer to tasks.

Image by Mihai Surdu from Pixabay

With this, we embarked on our mission, drew up the Vision, end state, a world of tasks, a world of no CV’s and a world where people would be paid for the work/tasks they enjoy doing again and again. Does this mean the end of jobs as we see today? may be not….

While we envisioned an end state of our product driven and supported by “Click” (called “Homophily” in scientific terms) and “Nudge”, we wanted ourselves to be rooted in reality as far as possible and embarked on defining the MVP. Something which experts and businesses could experience rather than the grand vision. Our efforts to bring TASKER (Task to Expert Robot) live in April was just that.

Now we have crossed 100+ users on the platform, we understood the need to bring in newer means of achieving consistency between users in even the simplest “terms” like expertise, which may sound so simple to us but the context and application may vary from user to user. We understand that its a long journey and that Amazon was not made in a day ! We have to start somewhere, and here it is…

To help us and TASKER to learn and improve, we recommend those reading this to join us at https://www.artesfast.com and those who are interested to invest, may kindly reach out to Clemens & Anand !

Cheers ! and Stay Safe !



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