Is there a need for a new Social Platform ?

Sivakumar M.S
3 min readMay 15, 2020

How social can TASKER be ?

TASKER, a workplace platform that connects business to experts was crafted with the platform economy in mind. As in any platform, you have two or more sides: demand, supply and associated ecosystem. When we visioned and defined the platform features, one thing which we kept in mind was that TASKER will never be the next job site nor will it be a networking platform. We wanted it to be purpose built and different.

As we all know, the golden age of Social Media is behind us. It was between 2002–2012 when most of the prominent ones including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram were found and gathered users. LinkedIn, the professional networking platform today claims about 690+ million users on board. Twitter has around 330+ million active monthly users and so on… numbers which dwarf the population in some of the countries in the world. Opportunities exist to connect and interact across myriad aspects of life from “workmanship” to “worship” ! Ever since 2012, we had a lull in new social products

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Just as many were starting to write off the Social Platforms hoping their age is over, came the pandemic. While the initial focus of users were on communication and collaboration using applications ranging from Slack to Zoom to Teams, slowly the psychological and emotional needs kicked in. The need to stay connected mixed with the need to get latest updates. Lines blurred between personal and professional, suddenly everyone including their cat was part of what happened in between the 4 walls of one’s home and their contacts. Where did they turn to ? of-course back to Social Platforms…

The pandemic not only brought in the need to be well networked, but also raised urgency for people to be independent. The need of removing the dependency on my jobs and employer as it was becoming highly unpredictable where the chaos will lead to. It is quite natural for people in these situations to go back to basics — “What” are my Skills, “How good” are my skills, “How well” can I market them and ultimately “How Fast” can I reach the right decision maker …

We are building TASKER to showcase individual Skills mastery and the entire platform from a user, the expert on the platform revolves around optimising the use of someone’s individual capability to excel in exciting TASKS. Thus comes the question: How much more “Social” can we get while giving people the tasks they can excel in? Will it be the next “Social platform”? The challenges this question poses are a Product Manager’s dilemma and delight considering the product, engineering and design complexity.

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Within 4 weeks of roll out, we have large number of experts from across the globe with wide range of technical and operations expertise and we have started delivering on tasks.

Building TASKER and maturing it is a challenging TASK in itself and we are learning every day. Building a social platform with the associated network effects is all-together a different ball game. We have started our journey towards this. On how and more on this, stay tuned…

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